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Mr. Amobi Patrick Emekwuo


Mr. Amobi Patrick Emekwuo is the Executive Chairman/CEO of Eagle Sight Ltd. He has many years of experience on the job which spans over 24 years. He has worked in virtually all the ports in Lagos as well as airports.

His journey in providing freight forwarding services started in 1991 but then carried out under different companies. This was due to the fact that Customs allow stamping of jobs on other company’s license for a person without Customs License. He continued in this way until January 22nd 1999 when Markwell Ventures Limited was incorporated and subsequently obtained a Customs License. He signed a memorandum of understanding with Markwell Ventures Limited to enable him use the company’s License due to large volumes of jobs he used to clear. This exclusive use of Markwell Ventures Limited License continued till 10th November,2004 when Eagle Sight Ltd was incorporated. It is therefore very obvious that the Executive Chairman/CEO’s experience in clearing and forwarding services is not in doubt. It is this wealth of experience and knowledge that he brought to Eagle Sight Ltd. This has essentially paid off today because Eagle Sight Ltd which was his brain child is well positioned and has a reasonable market of the industry.

Mrs Catherine Emekwuo


Mrs Catherine Emekwuo is an executive director in the company. She obtained her B.Sc(Hons.) in Public Health from the University of West London.

She is a member of Chartered Management Institute, Uk. She also obtained M.Sc in advanced practice in infection prevention and control. She has a clear and logical mind with practical approach to problem solving and drive to see things through to completion. She has brought these skills into the company which has impacted positively on the organization since its inception.